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Becker Software specializes in the design of database systems for small organizations with complex data management needs. By working with organizations that lead in their fields, we create specialized solutions that can serve similar organizations and can be distributed as commercial products, to the benefit of both the developing organization and others in that field.


The Net Uptime Monitor - Continuously Monitor Your Internet Connection and Log All Failures

The Net Uptime Monitor is a Windows utility program that alerts you to failures in your internet connection and records the exact time and length of those failures.  This failure log will help your provider troubleshoot the problem after it helps you convince them its not your imagination!  Net Uptime Monitor is designed to be as simple as possible and accomplish this one purpose accurately and thoroughly with the least effort from you.  Visit the Net Uptime Monitor website for full details.


Facil Data Management Software for Media Access Centers

Facil is a comprehensive data management system for organizations providing Public, Educational, or Government media access. These organizations operate video production facilities, lend equipment, train and assist their users in production, program channels for cablecast or other distribution, perform community outreach, and more. The Facil system includes contact management, equipment inventory, complex equipment and facilities scheduling, class scheduling and registration, channel scheduling, volunteer management, project and program tracking, point of sale, mailing list and mass email functionality, and more. This product has been licensed by more than 250 organizations across the country. Visit the Facil web site for complete information.

Custom Database Systems

Becker Software designs, programs, and supports data management systems using Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, and the Azure cloud platform for client based, web based, and hybrid implementations.

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