A comprehensive data management system for PEG access TV & community media centers.

Manages contact information, equipment and facilities reservations, project tracking, program library, channel scheduling,  class scheduling and registration, volunteers, payments, and much more. 

Specifically designed for PEG access TV and community media centers.

Makes all your information available throughout your organization - to everyone, up to date in real time!

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Facíl manages and reports data on People (members and other contacts), Organizations, Equipment and Facilities Reservations, Classes, Financial Transactions, Projects and Programs, Channel Scheduling, and more. Click for a detailed list of Facíl's features.

Facíl shares data within your computer nework, continuously making all information available throughout your organization, second by second, as your facility operates.

Facil has powerful email tools to communicate with your clients - distribute the news, confirm reservations, book class registrations, and much more.

Eliminate paper appointment books, hand written records, and tedious manual reporting!

Learn more about Facíl...

Email or call Becker Software at (520) 991-0909 with any questions you may have.

Order the free Facíl Demonstration video from Becker Software by email or phone - (520) 991-0909.  This 80 minute computer based video presents a detailed overview of Facil.

Our list of Frequently Asked Questions provides the most requested information about Facíl.

Take the Facíl on-line "tour" - video demos and screen shots of the program.


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Upgrades: Upgrade any license at any time by paying just the difference in the original license prices.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for details on the levels of Facíl Licensing.

For further information or to purchase Facíl,
please contact Becker Software:

Email: Facil@BeckerSoftware.com
Phone: (520) 991-0909

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News and Announcements...

February 2020 - Facil & Facil Centro Version 6.0 Release
November 2013 - Facil & Facil Centro Version 5.1 Update
Facil Centro! A new lower cost version of Facil
What's in it for me?
Ten Things Facíl Can Do for You!

Facíl has been licensed by more than 245 organizations!  Here's what some of those users say... 

How did I ever run an access facility without Facíl?

We have found Facíl to be a tremendous tool for centralizing and standardizing our operations from the start-up. Following our last audit, the auditor noted to the Board the extensive management functions and accountability Facíl has provided…

Do whatever you need to do to get Facíl!

Facíl looks and "feels" great. It goes far beyond what we had time to design for ourselves.

It's probably one of the best expenditures we'll ever make here.

Facíl has helped immensely with tracking of reservations, virtually eliminating overbooking. Generating reports on facility usage or for tracking our effectiveness is much easier. It is the most comprehensive package that I know of.

Before Facíl, we had 6 notebooks full of paper reservation forms. I cannot imagine how we could have gone on keeping this information on paper. Facíl offers vast possibilities for customized reporting and integrated equipment inventory.

Facíl tracks usage of equipment resources in imaginary dollar values. That permits us to tell our regulators how much equipment and facilities we gave away. We can't live without it.

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