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Technical Documents

These documents provide support, technical, and background information on issues you may encounter when using and implementing Facil.

Getting Started with Facil

This document gives instructions and tips on installing Facil, running Facil for the first time, setting up the initial data in Facil, and different resources for learning to use Facil

Backing Up Your Facil Data

A daily backup is the most fundamental protection against loss of your Facil data.  This document offers suggestions on implementing a reliable backup procedure.

Maintaining Facil for Optimal Performance and Reliability

Keep your Facil system running at its very best with these simple steps.

Creating Custom Reports

You can create your own custom reports that use the Facil data - without owning the Facil source code.

Importing Data Into Facil

If you already have valid data in a computer readable format, you may want to consider importing that data into Facil.  This document discusses the issues and gives tips on achieving a successful import.

Trouble Shooting Facil

If you encounter error messages, or Facil won't behave, read this document for help.

Can't Send Email? ActiveX 429 Error

When you try to send email, you get the error message "Error #429, ActiveX Component can't create object."  Here's how to fix it...

Chronological History of  Facil Updates

All the improvements and changes made to Facil since its first release, listed in chronological order.

Installing a Facil Update or License Upgrade

Periodic updates to the Facil program are issued to Tech Support subscribers.  This document gives instructions on installing updates or license upgrades.

Installing Facil or a Facil Update on a Larger Number of Computers

If you have more than a few computers running Facil, you can save time installing updates, new versions, or installing on newly purchased computers, by using these tips.

Using Facil From Multiple and/or Remote Locations

You may want to use Facil from a computer that is not in the same location as the rest of your computers and, more importantly, not in the same location as the Facil data file.  This document discusses the architecture of Facil, licensing, and technical issues for remote use.

Using Facil on an XP System with Multiple User Accounts

XP has security features that can affect the operation of Facil.  If you are having problems running Facil on an XP system, or want to understand how to control security for multiple users on an XP computer, read this document.

Synergy Media Types

If you are using the Synergy playback control system with Facil, you need to maintain the current list of Synergy Media Types in Facil.  This document gives you the current Media Type List, as of 6/1/2007.

Where Can I Buy Veriad Labels?

In addition to several standard label formats, Facil also offers two specialized label layouts for VHS and DV sized tapes.  These labels are referred to in Facil as "Veriad VW206, DV Face & Spine" and "Veriad VH543, VHS Face & Spine".  The Veriad company has changed names a couple of times - it is now known as United Ad Label Brand.  Their web site is www.unitedadlabel.comClick for more details...


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