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  • Bar Coding     It's easy to use a bar code scanner with Facil to checkout equipment, locate Person records, and more.

  • Facil Today     Gathers together the items that may need your attention – all in one place, automatically!

  • Person Activity Tab    Shows a chronological list of a Person’s activities.

  • Clip Library    Track all your best video segments for reuse.

  • Schedule Viewer    View your Program Schedule by selected days of the week and/or any part of the day. Show one or all Subjects. Easily view just your prime time shows, weekends, late nights, religion or sports, etc.

Screen Shots

These pages show many of the actual Facil screens.  Click here to start and use the Next/Previous buttons (on the menu to the left of each page) or select from the list below.


Main Menu

Person: Contact Information

Person: Volunteer Availability

Person: Volunteer Service Records

Person: Classes Taken

Person: Mailing Lists

Person: Organizations

Person: Demographics

Demographics Questions Definition

Person: Expenditures

Person: Photo

Volunteer Viewer: Availability

Volunteer Viewer: Service

Organization: Contact Information

Organization: Affiliated Persons

Organization: Expenditures

Class: Schedule

Class: Registration

Class Registration Reminder Printout

Class Registration Reminder Email

Class Roster Printout


Payment Receipt Printout

Refund Receipt Printout

Project Information

Project: Program List

Project: Crew List

Project: Expenditures

Project: Volunteer Service

Project Viewer

Program Information

Program Viewer

Program Schedule: Standard Format

Program Schedule: Expanded Format

Program Schedule: Editing

Program Schedule: Block Operations

Program Schedule: Mass Deletes

Program Schedule: Fill Gaps

Program Auto Scheduling

Program Auto Scheduling: Set Repeating Date Pattern

Reservation Form

Reservation: Adding Items

Reservation Receipt Printout

Reservation Receipt Email

Reservation: Duplicating

Reservation Viewer

Appointment Book

Appointment Book: Display Option

Appointment Book: Making New Reservation

Two Week Appointment Book

Equipment: Types

Equipment: Units

Equipment: Maintenance

Reports Menu

Report Groups

Reports: Program Guide in HTML Format

Reports: Equipment Usage Report Options

Reports: Programming Analysis Report Options

Reports: Programming Analysis Report Printout

Reports: Tape Label Report Options

Mailing Selection

Mailing Output

Email Options

Data Export Options

Administrative Menu

Reference Lists

Permission Settings


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