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Installing a Facil Update or License Upgrade

Updates vs. New Versions

On the Facil main menu, at the bottom, is displayed the version number and the date of issue of the program currently installed. 

An update is a revision to the program that adds new features but uses the same data file format.  It has a new date of issue, but the same version number.

A new version is a greater change to the program which requires a conversion of the data file to a new format; i.e. includes new information.  It has a new date of issue and a new version number.  A new version will generally require a separate data conversion process.  Instructions for installing a new version will be supplied with the new software.

License upgrades change an existing Facil installation from Single User to Multi User.  No changes to the data or to the already installed program are required.

Always insure that you have a current and complete backup of your Facil data before beginning any installation.

To install an update to Facil:

1) Copy the new Facil.mde file provided to the Facil program directory, usually C:\Program Files\Facil, replacing the existing Facil.mde file. The issue date of the Facil program you are using is displayed on the main menu, following the version number. 

If you have a multi-user installation, you will want to update each computer that uses Facil, but it is not necessary to install the update on every computer at the same time.  You can have some running the updated program and others with the "non-updated" program without a problem.  You can even install on one computer while another continues to use Facil.

2) Run Facil and use the Admin Menu / Select Data File to select your data file, typically named FacilData.mdb. You can switch back and forth between the demo data (FacilData_Demo.mdb) and your own data at any time.

3) If you have skipped one or more updates, or if you are installing from your original CD and more than one update has been issued since the CD was distributed, you need only install the one most recent update.  Each update is a complete new copy of the program containing all changes previously made. 

To upgrade licensing from Single user to Multi-user:

1) Create the shared directory for the data. Read the Getting Started Tech document for more information about the shared directory.

2) Move (not copy!) your existing data file, FacilData.mdb, from the current Facil directory on the single user machine to the shared directory.

3) Copy the new license file (FacilLic.txt) to the shared directory.

4) Run Facil on the original single user workstation. You will be prompted to locate the Facil Data. Select FacilData.mdb in the shared directory. Note: In the File Open dialog, when selecting the data file, use Network Neighborhood, not a mapped drive letter, to select the data file. See the Getting Started Tech document for more information on this.

5) Install Facil on the desired additional workstations where it has NOT been previously installed, using the Multi-user Additional Workstation option. Run Facil on each workstation and use the Admin Menu / Select Data File to select the shared data file.

6) The installation CD contains the program that was current at the time of manufacture of the CD.  The exact release date of the installed program is displayed on the main menu, following the version number.  If an updated program has been issued since that date, you will need to install the update on your new additional Facil systems, just as you did on the original system.  See above "To install an update to Facil".

Installation Tips For a Multi-user Environment

When you have many computers running Facil, it can become somewhat tedious and time consuming to install the program or a program update.  Read the Technical Document "Installing on Multiple Computers" for time saving tips.


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