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Tech Support Agreements

Facil support is available by an annual support agreement.  One year of support for a multi user Facil or Facil Centro license is only $250.  For a single user license, support is just $150 per year.

Tech Support includes:

  • Any number of Support contacts by EMail or phone, for everyone in your organization.

  • Remote connection to your computer when needed.

  • All Facil updates issued while you are under a Support agreement are included free of charge! 

Reinstating An Expired Support Agreement

When an expired support agreement is renewed, you'll receive both the next year of support and an update to the most current version of Facil. Only the current version of Facil is supported and every organization being supported has that current version as part of their support.

If your version of Facil is one version older than current, the new version is included in your fee for renewed Support.

If more than one new version of Facil has been released since your previous Support Agreement expired an additional Update Fee of $150 will be charged. 

A "version" is a major revision to the program and is indicated by the version number seen on your Main Menu.  Here is a list of the Facil versions and their initial release dates.

Facil Version Release Date
4.3 12/26/2002
4.4 12/12/2003
4.5 6/25/2007
5.0 9/1/2009
5.1 11/15/2013
6.0 2/24/2020

Support Without An Agreement

If you do not have a Support Agreement and have a problem with Facil, you can still get support for a fee per incident. The fee is $150 per hour, with a minimum charge of $100 per incident. Charges are payable by credit card at the time the support is provided.

Remote Connection Software

Becker Software uses the AnyDesk remote connection software.  Download for free from anydesk.com.


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