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Facil Centro - a new, lower cost version of Facil...

For organizations that already have a solution in place for managing their Program Library and Channel Scheduling, Facil Centro offers all the other features of Facil at a lower cost...

  • Contact management

  • Membership

  • Equipment and facilities reservations

  • Inventory and maintenance scheduling

  • Volunteer management

  • Payments and refunds

  • Class scheduling and registration

  • Project management with expenditure tracking

  • Reporting

  • Email / mass email / mailing

  • And much more!

... all the great Facil functionality that helps manage your organization is in Facil Centro.

Only the program library, channel scheduling, tape library, and the clip library are not offered in Facil Centro.

A Facil Centro license may be upgraded to the full version of Facil at any time by paying just the difference in the original cost of the licenses.  There is no penalty for starting with Facil Centro and upgrading to Facil.


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