Ten Things Facil Can Do For You!

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Here's ten examples of tasks Facil can do -
in just a few seconds each!!

Print a list of everyone who has the Studio reserved during the next 3 months - with their phone numbers.
Find out who used Camera #11 last - and what project they were working on.
Calculate the total hours of Edit time spent on that problem project so far this year.
List all active projects, the dollar value of the resources they have consumed, and what percentage of their budget is left - and sort it with the ones that are over budget first!
Send that person on the phone an email listing all the play dates coming up for their favorite program or series, including the times and channels.
Add the whole run of programs in a series to your program schedule - to run in sequence, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 6 pm, for the whole year, while checking that none of those time slots have anything already scheduled - in one step!
Print a list of all future equipment and facility reservations for a particular person or project - and see exactly how many times in the past they have cancelled or "no showed".
Reserve a complex set of field equipment, checking availability and verifying the required user training certifications - in a single step! And print a detailed receipt for the equipment checkout.
Print a report for a producer of every volunteer who wants to work on a music show in the studio - and only include the contact information that each person has specifically given permission for you to share. Or just send that selected group of volunteers an email!
Report the exact number of hours and individual shows played, separated by first run and repeat, for each channel during any selected time period - and break it down by Subject, Origin of the programming, individual Project, or a dozen other ways…

That's ten examples - out of hundreds of useful functions! And yes, Facíl will do them in seconds. Think about how long it would take you to do these tasks now, or if it's even possible to do them! All those things you need to do every day are in Facíl - without the tedious paper shuffle or running around.

So - have you already contacted Becker Software for your free Facíl video demonstration? What are you waiting for? Did we mention that it's free?

Email facil@beckersoftware.com or call Becker Software at (520) 991-0909!


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